Favourite quotations :
If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

You are what you do, and not what you think you should do .

* Coaching Philosophy :

The ideal situation for a coach  would be if you have the time

and financial opportunities to look for players who fit your playing

style ,,,,, This would be great.

However you do not always get the time to do this and not every

club will have the financial opportunities to offer you this ideal


You therefore have to work with what you have.”

** Good Philosophy :

I don’t think that you can adapt it to every possible situation. You need the right mindset, and it depends on how the players see the coach and vice versa. The coach is the focal point of the team but you need to have an open mind, and so do all the players. Everyone needs to work together to achieve a common goal. Preparing your tactical formation is essential. Each player needs to know where he has to be, and that is why there needs to be mutual understanding because you need absolute discipline. This is a sport played by 22 men, and there are 11 opponents out there playing as a team. Each individual needs to know who he has to beat and be there to support his team-mates

** New Philosophy :
The main idea behind the new philosophy is :
– Attack the space ,,, Fight for the open space on the field and try to use it .
– Play hard when the opponent has the ball ,, this means they must be tough and aggressive and tackle hard to get the ball back as quickly as possible .

We stress this in games and practice so it becomes second nature .

The motto is ,, when they play us hard we play them hard too  .